’s Stolen Funds Funneled Through Tornado Cash and CEXs: Report

Published on 4 January 2023 at 09:54

The company had earlier revealed securing an undisclosed amount of assets.


Prominent cryptocurrency mining pool suffered a cyberattack last month that resulted in a significant loss of company and user funds. New details have emerged regarding the whereabouts of the stolen funds.

According to the market research firm, X-explore’s analysis, most stolen assets were transferred to Tornado Cash while some amounts were also transferred to centralized exchanges Binance and Kucoin.

  • A BTC wallet transferred 32.5 BTC, worth around $550k, and is suspected to be stolen. The perpetrators could have laundered the funds with the help of a centralized BTC Mixer.
  • X-explore also claimed that a total of 1,964 ETH, worth around $2.4 million, was deposited to four new addresses and subsequently flowed to the coin mixer as well as other exchanges.
  • As reported earlier, the attackers pilfered digital assets worth $700k owned by’s clients and nearly $2.3 million in asset value owned by its parent firm, BIT Mining Limited on December 3rd.
  • The cyberattack was reported to the Shenzhen law enforcement authorities in China a few weeks later, which then launched an investigation on Friday and began collecting evidence.
  • Upon discovering the breach, said its team implemented technology designed to block and intercept hackers.
  • happens to be one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining pools accounting for 3.8% of total mining pool distribution over the past seven days. The latest data suggested that its hash rate stood at 10.27 exahashes per second (EH/s)


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