The Wait is Over: Arbitrum Will Airdrop Over 1 Billion ARB Tokens to Users of the Protocol

Published on 16 March 2023 at 15:00

Arbitrum will be airdropping the ARB token on March 23rd.


The popular Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, Arbitrum, announced that they will be airdropping their long-awaited token in a week from now.

  • March 23rd is the date when Arbitrum will airdrop the long-awaited ARB token.
  • The team released detailed documentation which outlines that 1.162 billion tokens, representing 11.62 percent of the total initial supply, will be airdropped to “users of the Arbitrum platform (via airdrop to user wallet addresses).
  • ARB will be a governance token, and it will be launched on Arbitrum One, native to it.
  • This is what the initial token allocation and airdrop distribution look like:

Source: Official Website


  • There is a point system that will dictate how many tokens each user will get, with everyone needing a minimum of three points to qualify. The point score is capped at 15, and some of the actions include bridging funds to Arbitrum One, doing transactions, and so forth.
  • The maximum allocation a single address can get is 10,200 tokens.

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