PHILIA  wants to become one of the world’s leading information sources for crypto investors. We always insist on original high-quality content, and our site has set a goal to always look from the crypto investor’s point of view. We believe in crypto, we believe in blockchain technology.

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Buy/Sell Taxes

15% CEX Buy/Sell: There will be no taxes/fees when transacting thru CEX. Exchanges may have their own fees.

15% Wallet to Wallet Transfer: There is no tax/fees on wallet to wallet transfers to allow adoption and for $PHILIA to become a transactional token

Slippage Tolerance PANCAKESWAP : 18%
5% of each transaction
added to liquidity pool
5% of each transaction
redistributed to holders
5% automatic burn 
Adjusting Fees: The fees/taxes are hardcoded to never be increased, only lowered. Once lowered, there is no way to increase the fees.



The best way to purchase PHILIA TOKEN is using the Swap, for example, on PancakeSwap (v2), flooz.trade, Mdex, BSCswap, Anyswap, BSCStation Swap, CheeseSwap, O3swap, Bscex, Autofarm, ApeSwap, BakerySwap, Biswap, 1inch Network on BSC, ParaSwap BSC, Pionex.


Token Contract Address: 0xd39A0fc1bce46dB79A466320b5Bc662aC4ba5628


Network: BSC

PHILIA Contract Audit Report: https://www.coinscope.co/cyberscan?address=0xd39A0fc1bce46dB79A466320b5Bc662aC4ba5628

Official Links

Website: https://www.philiacryptonews.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/philia_news  @philia_news

Telegram Philia Token: https://t.me/philiachat

Discord Philia Token: https://discord.com/invite/Q5sndcSAjP

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PHILIA Roadmap


Phase 1: Conception and Initial Development (0-6 months)

  1. Market Research and Strategic Planning
  2. Team Formation
  3. Whitepaper Development
  4. Technology Development
  5. Resource Acquisition

Phase 2: Launch and Development (6-12 months)

  1. Philia Launch
  2. Exchange Listings
  3. Strategic Partnerships
  4. Community Development
  5. Technical Improvements

Phase 3: Growth and Adoption (1-3 years)

  1. Real-World Use Case Development
  2. Education and Awareness
  3. Application and Service Development
  4. Global Expansion
  5. Ongoing Improvements

Phase 4: Maturity and Sustainability (3+ years)

  1. Continuous Development
  2. Infrastructure Support
  3. Integration with Traditional Financial Systems
  4. Governance Evolution
  5. Exploration of New Opportunities

White Paper